Winpak has used Espace Construction on several large projects over the past decade, every one of which has been highly successful. Espace Construction is much more than construction management… they really become an extension of our business.

Winpak’s construction projects have not been simple, given the complexities of our manufacturing processes. Their personnel learned our business and never hesitated to fill in the gaps that otherwise would have been problematic for our internal engineers and operations personnel.

They have always been sensitive to Winpak’s need to continue operations during construction. In fact they take a leadership role in the planning stages.

The coordination with Winpak’s internal staff, whether Engineering, Operations or Finance continually exceed expectations. The work has been of exceptional quality, on time and with unexpected cost savings as the cherry on top.

Tim Johnson

Espace Construction played an integral role in the project development and construction of Dicom’s new corporate office in Dorval. The complexity of this project was in the planning stages where we had to define our spatial needs in order to consolidate various business divisions under one roof.

Espace Construction’s role was two-fold. As part of their pre-construction service, they worked closely with our staff and professionals to ensure that the design was cost-effective and reflected our current and anticipated future needs. During the construction phase, Espace Construction managed the execution of the work with a high degree of efficiency and adapted to a number of changes that we made along the way. With the professionalism of their team, our LEED Gold certified building was delivered on time and under budget expectations.

Dicom has had the pleasure of working with Espace Construction for more than 20 years and I would not hesitate to recommend them to potential clients.

Scott Dobak

After Sun Life purchased the "Golf Gardens" site in 2003, Espace Construction played an integral part in the development of the Cote-de-Liesse Business Park for Sun Life. Your firm successfully erected Sun Life's first speculative project on the site in the Fall of 2007; a 145,000 sq.ft. light-industrial multi-tenant warehousing facility. Throughout the project, your firm was diligent and professional in its dedication and attention to detail throughout the various phases of the construction process. Your service to our tenants once they took possession of the premises is also worth mentioning and commended. The excellence that Espace Construction demonstrated in providing design-build services is a testimony to your continued commitment to quality, service, and innovation in your field.

Valerio Bittichesu

From the pre-construction phase through to final delivery and beyond, the Espace Construction team showed exceptional accessibility, professionalism, passion, and worked with us whenever there was an issue to solve. Their mindset was always in solution mode, which has to be highlighted in this industry that is reputed for the opposite.

This resulted into an excellent construction quality where all the business-specific needs were achieved…and all this within budget.

In a nutshell, I would recommend Espace Construction for any project that requires quality, integrity, and cooperation from the builder.

Robert Barakett

The Espace Construction team listened to our needs and concerns and because of their extensive construction experience; they quickly took leadership role and revamped the project to better response to our needs. They guided us in the development of technical and environmental studies, in the choice of professionals, but especially during the crucial step of funding where they provided us with a solid budget". "I really felt they took my project to heart.’’ The Espace Construction team took the time to carefully plan each stage of the project, from environmental studies through to the construction phase. I've always felt that they were ready to go above and beyond. They have never made me feel that there is a limit. No detail has been omitted. They did everything to deliver the project on time and within budget. It was crucial for us to replicate the experience of rock climbing in our new building; the final result exceeded my expectations.

M. Jean-Marc de la Plante

Once again we have successfully completed another two projects in the Montreal area with your involvement as general contractors. I am writing to convey to you what a pleasure it was to have, once again, collaborated with you in the timely and cost-effective implementation of our new Montreal area production and administration facilities, with the resultant quality that your firm always delivers. The professionalism with which your firm, and yourself in particular, conducted yourselves and represented us in these projects was commendable and so we want you to know how highly satisfied we are with your services.

J. Arthur Johnsen

We work with government clients on a regular basis and we were looking for a general contractor that we felt confident could meet or exceed our expectations. We chose Espace Construction and they not only delivered on-time and on-budget but took on much of the direct communication with the clients. This made for much better communication, a more efficient job-site and freed up our personnel for other tasks. We were extremely satisfied with their work.

Sean Neely

I am on my third project with Espace Construction and I am fully satisfied.

Professionalism, rigor, integrity, and a respect for deadlines and budgets... a team that listens, a committed team.

Can’t wait to work on a fourth project with Espace Construction!

Marc Tremblay

Our tenant had nothing but tremendous praise for you and your construction team and their level of expertise and professionalism. The renovation process was cost-effective and efficient with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.

I was particularly appreciative on how you handled our various requests and change orders, from both the tenant and landlord. For a project that had such demanding time-lines, your team did an outstanding job.

Mitchell Cohen

This is to thank your company for your excellent construction management and supervision services during the construction of our manufacturing plant.

We greatly appreciated the professionalism you and your company have demonstrated. You have not only given your time, your advice, your expertise, but you have shared with us your vast experience and have helped us avoid errors by following your guidance and valuable advice throughout the process.

Richard Ouellette

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your invaluable assistance on the timely and cost-effective completion of our Montreal area facility. Given that this was a fast-track project, I was particularly impressed with your ability to meet our stringent deadline. As a result, our relocation into our new facility went seamlessly.

Humphrey Rodayan

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