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Founded by two architects in 1992, Espace started as an in-house profit center for a prominent Canadian courier company. Its purpose: to develop, build and manage numerous industrial and commercial facilities for its rapidly expanding clientele. Its goal: to always optimize/balance the initial capital construction costs with the long-term operating costs of every facility.

This philosophy was well-received by the client and provided a clear path to profitability. Using this same approach, Espace expanded to offer its construction services to numerous new clients. Within five years, Espace had transitioned into a separate, independent full-service construction company where it established a collaborative working partnership with their clients, achieving optimal results.

Today, this same philosophy is embedded in our DNA as we continue to build industrial, commercial, multi-unit residential and institutional buildings.  Our solution-minded construction team of engineers and architects will optimize your project through value engineering.

The result: a holistic and tailored project built specifically to your needs and designed to minimize operating costs and protect your long term investments.

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AllezUp, Montreal

K&Y Diamond, Dorval

We build industrial, commercial and institutional buildings for companies looking to optimize the long-term value of their construction investment.

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Espace Construction is always mindful of the building's life-cycle.  We incorporate environmentally-conscious measures and sustainability in all aspects of the construction process.

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ArdoVLM, Dorval

Dicom HQ, Dorval


Our company’s success is the result of the amazing people who make up our team. With their dedication and diligence, our team is driven by a sense of community spirit and family values.

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